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Artina Beach from above
Artina Beach from above
Our site has been created to introduce one of the real pearls of the Omiš Riviera, Lokva Rogoznica. Following the opening of the Magistral, the seaside main road in the 1960s, the inhabitants of the settlement (first written mention from 1235) started to move from their homes built on the slopes of the Rogoznica Mountain closer to the sea. This is how the settlements on the coast started to appear: the houses around Hotel Ruskamen (now Sagitta), Obriž, Vojskovo, Čalete, Plani rat, Bilići and Ivašnjak.

There are three longer beaches on the Lokva Rogoznica section of the Adriatic: Artina, Vojskovo and Rape. Besides these there is a host of smaller, intimate, appealing beaches for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing - due to the steep slopes some of the smaller beaches are not easy to access, though. All the beaches are gravel, which is typical for Dalmatia. The largest, most built up and most equipped beach is Artina. Guests can enjoy food and drinks at its restaurant and bar, can rent jetski, swim safely with a beach guard on service and can use a toilet.

Grocery store and post
Grocery store and post
Camp Sirena (Plani rat)
Camp Sirena (Plani rat)
Everyday shopping can be done locally (grocery store and greengrocer are found on the Magistral at the tunnel) and Lokva Rogoznica has its own post office. There are two restaurants on the Magistral (Kod Mije in the Vojskovo part and Skalinada in Bilići), Campsite Sirena's restaurant is open to all, too, just like the restaurant on Artina Beach. The Sirena Campsite runs an internet cafe, as well.

Hotel accomodation is offered by Sagitta (formerly Ruskamen), Lokva Rogoznica has family-run apartment buildings and the Sirena Campsite, which is situated on Cape Rani with a fantastic view of the Adriatic, of Brač Channel.

Artina Beach
Artina Beach
Besides visiting the sights of the surrounding region the old village of Lokva on the hillside is also worth visiting. Lokva has old Dalmatian-style houses and two churches right in the village: St. Cosma (Sv. Kuzma, 16th c.) and the Assumption of Mary (Uznesenje Blažene Djevice Marije). The St. Vitus Chapel built in the 13-14th c. on the range of the Omiška Dinara (639 m above sea level) above Lokva is an excellent hiking target with a spectacular view of the Adriatic on one side and the Dalmatian Zagorje area of Croatia on the other.

For a further introduction of Lokva Rogoznica let us invite you to visit our Lokva Rogoznica pictures and videos pages. The websites with information and relation to Lokva are collected in our web directory and the notable points and features are shown on our map.

Petar Brletić
2012/08/18 14:45
Dana 07.08.2012 godine večerali smo u restoranu KOD MIJE. Poslužena hrana - katastrofa! Tri tanjura riblje juhe (bez komadića ribe u istoj), preslani rižot sa nečim što bi trebalo ličiti na plodove mora, 25 dkg talijanskog pršuta, te 25 dkg smrznutih škampi na buzaru (toć pun brašna) sa tri gazirana pića platili 504 kune i otišli gladni doma.

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